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Homer – telling the story of TROY.

Welcome to Homer – Troy University’s web-based reporting system that documents our institutional effectiveness activities.
Since the merger of three separately accredited institutions in 2005, Troy University has explored new ways to communicate its planning, assessment, and improvement activities.

Homer is organized in two ways.  Much of the information is organized by the institutional assessment areas defined in SACS Comprehensive Standard 3.3.1, under the headings of academic departments, administrative activities, educational support programs, research, and community service. 

Homer also includes a section organized by locations that provides key planning, assessment and continuous improvement information related to each of the university’s teaching locations.

Troy University is a complex organization, so you will find that new information will be frequently added to Homer.  All areas will be updated each fall for the previous academic year, allowing the institution to make the fullest use of survey data and faculty assessment of student learning outcomes.  The fall update will be used to develop the annual Chancellor’s Briefings held in January.

Please direct questions regarding Homer to:

Dr. John R. Dew
Senior Vice Chancellor
Student Services and Administration


Introduction to Troy University



(Fall Semester 2012)
Student Enrollment Headcount: 23,290

Full-time Undergraduates: 9,667 (41.5%)
Part-time Undergraduates: 8,651 (37.1%)

Full-time Graduates: 1,390 (6%)
Part-time Graduates: 3,582 (15.4%)

Freshman: 4,490 (19.3%)
Sophomore: 3,305 (14.2%)
Junior: 3,871 (16.6%)
Senior: 6,651 (28.6%)
Unclassified/Other: 1 (0%)
Graduate: 4,972 (21.3%)

Male: 8,538 (36.7%)
Female: 14,752 (63.3%)

Alumni: 135,688 (As of March 2012)




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